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Sewer Maintenance

Summary of services

• Drain & sewer cleaning—slow drains, clogs, and back-ups
• Power rodding and water jetting
• Video inspections
• Sewer flood control
• Waterline and sewer line repiping
• Sewer gas detection

Drain & Sewer Cleaning
Clogged drains can bring a sudden halt to water use in your house, from showers, tp dishwashing, laundry, flushing, and more.

Like the health of your body, plumbing is no different. Your house has veins and arteries that circulate water and waste throughout the day. Do you know the health of your plumbing? Click on tips for more information.

Take preventative action and get your drains and sewer lines inspected by camera, and cleaned for $157.00. (Please mention this at the time of booking). You don’t want us digging up your front yard to fix an undetected problem.

Power Rodding
Have a stubborn clogged drain in your home at the office. Essential power rodding to the rescue. And to avoid the inconvenient clog, we recommend that your sewer line gets rodded annually to prevent clogs, or breaks or collapses in your sewer line.

Water Power Jetting
In some cases, the accumulation of grease may require to have the sewer line power jetted.

Video Sewer Inspection
Video inspections of your sewer is one of the most important preventative measures you can take in your home, especially if you live an older home. Everything can look fine on the outside, but several things can plague your sewer causing clogs and collapsed lines: from tree roots to foreign objects never meant to be flushed into your sewer.

Buying a new home? Before signing on the dotted line, get a whole home inspection and sewer inspection from Essential. The home inspector does not inspect the inside of the main sewer line, and might not be aware of potential expensive repairs coming after you take possession.

Sewer Flood Control System
Geographically your house may be sitting on a floodplain or you might be at the lowest level on your street. Find out what you can do to prevent flooding or backups in your house by simply installing a backflow preventer—like closing the door to city sewer flow, and preventing water and or sewer from entering your property.

Water Line & Drain Line Repiping
Does your home have galvanized piping? Did you know that galvanized pipes corrode and rust from the inside after years of exposure to water, especially chemical reactions in hot water lines.

Keep your family safe from harm, and your pipes from clogs no drain cleaner can remedy. Ask Essential for consultation on what it would take to repipe your old pipes with clean new PVC or copper.

Sewer Gas Detection
Do you detect a bad odor coming from your drains or sewer. In even the largest building, like gyms or restaurants, Essential can pinpoint the source and mediate the problem.

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